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I am a SEO expert and a professional Website Designer and Graphic Designer. I love designing and building WIX websites as WIX is actually great for SEO! 

How do I know WIX is good for SEO?

Check out some of the websites I created for my clients. They all rank on the 1st page of Google for their respective industries, depending where you are searching from!

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Need SEO help? Send me a message!
All websites are different & have different SEO needs. Tell me about your site & I'd love to help you!

How do I know that WIX is good for SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and the WIX platform allows for the setup all SEO titles, descriptions and image alt tags plus it's super easy to add content – all of which are critical for SEO. Great SEO isn't so much about the platform you are on as it is about how you use the platform and if you can write! It's a long distance race, where you continue to add new original content to your website over a period of months and years, you can become the online expert for your services or products and Google will rise your ranking as it wants to send searchers to the most relevant and info-packed websites for the terms searched.

I offer SEO Consultations, SEO Packages for Websites, and SEO built-into my Website Design packages, so contact me today and I can give you an estimate for your needs. 

Reach out with questions or for a free SEO estimate:

Feel free to check out my free SEO Tips that anyone can use:

WIX can do wonders for SEO...

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and WIX SEO is great as the platform allows for the setup all SEO titles, descriptions and image alt tags – plus it's actually easy to add content so you'll continue to improve your SEO over time. SEO is a long-distance race, it's not something you do one-time. WIX  makes it easy to add new good content over time so you can become the expert in your business. Many clients come to us with old outdated WordPress sites that are either hacked, or are broken, or are simply hard for them to edit, so they let them go stale. With WIX websites and our training, these clients are MUCH better at keeping their sites up-to-date as it's so much easier and it's not scary! In fact, WIX has a wonderful Site History tool that let's you go back and restore previously saved versions of the site, so, I always tell clients to not worry or bother about publishing your site as you can do with WordPress sites, since you can always restore a previously saved version. So they can create new pages, new content, and new blog posts without any fear. THIS is what makes WIX great at SEO – because you can't be afraid to edit your website if you want good SEO on your website!
WIX is so easy to use, clients are actually excited to add content and make changes! That's what a good platform will do for you. 

Need WIX SEO Services? 

A SEO package may be just the thing for you to help get your website found.  My complete SEO packages range from $1200-$2000+ depending on number of pages to optimize. The package includes research of keywords and phrases to find out what people are searching for, then I provide detailed recommendations documentation, and then I will work to Optimize your WIX website with the keywords and meta tags that I recommend.  I can also build and optimize blog if needed, write blog posts, and/or create pages for specific keyword phrases, and then I will consult you and give you an idea hit-list for writing new blog articles or page content going forward – which is all great for SEO. It’s all about giving Google lots of information, and optimizing your content properly. Lastly, I will train you on how to keep doing your own SEO going forward. I also work with many clients for ongoing SEO.
Here are a few: 

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How to setup your website for SEO:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing long-term process that combines researching what people are looking for, and building pages and content and internet/social buzz about your website content.

1] Select Keywords: Figure out what people are searching for. 

You can use Google AdWord's Keyword Planner tool to figure out what people are actually searching for related to your business. OR you can use a free tool like UberSuggest, like in my example below. 

So, let's say you own a Landscaping Company in Chicago.

For example,  below are some keywords that people are searching for . You can use these keywords into the page SEO title, description, and mentioned in your content text. Don't overdo it, though, Google doesn't like keyword term padding.  

You could also write an extensive blog post about the same topic to help with organic SEO.


2] Implement Keywords with your website's SEO Tools:

Once you've determined your keywords, in WIX you can use your WIX website editor tools and build content!

On any other platform, these steps can be replicated as well.

Login to WIX then click on "Edit Website" to open the website builder editing system.

Then click on the page dropdown in the editor, and select the page desired, and click on the three dots in a circle to the right of the page name.


2.1] Page Title:

The Page Title is one of the most important things for SEO. Make sure to name your pages with keywords, and make sure the page has lots of good content related to those keywords. Building new pages for specific terms is a great idea, just make sure you provide lots of original content. Also, make sure to focus on a main key phrase for your homepage and many pages on the site, do not overdo it with tons of keywords! 


2.2] Page Description:

You can be more descriptive here in the page description, include your business name, and again include the keywords if possible. Write this for your audience, as this is the first thing they'll read about your page in the search results, so be short and sweet to let people know what the page is about.

2.3] Page URL

Name your page URL with your keywords! Punctuation is not allowed, and capitalization does not matter, you can only use letters and dashes here. So something like: will do. 


3] Ongoing SEO:


Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process, so once you have your pages properly optimized with keywords, as explained above, then here's the rest of what you need to do:


Add LOTS OF CONTENT! Become the expert.


Google and other search engines love fresh content, and lots of it. Adding a blog to your site, or simply adding more and more subpages with lots of relevant content to your business is crucial to keeping your site fresh with content. It is important to have a decent amount of copy on your homepage that includes keywords (but not overly so). Then build lots of other pages onto your site that are specific to certain parts of your business. The more content the merrier. Become the expert in what you do, and Google will move you up in the rankings!


Image Alt Text (tags): It is also important to give any images "Alt Text" in WIX so that Google can "read" what the image is. These alt tags will help with search results as well especially if they include specific keywords relevant to the page. 

4] Submit your website to Google and other Directories:

Setup a Google Search Console account for your website and submit  and verify your website and sitemap (usually your domain name: through the system. Submit to Bing, and also, a free directory service.

5] Get onto Social Media

Search engines like Google now take social media into consideration when ranking sites. The more social media buzz you have linking back to your site, the better! 

It is now a fact that search engines like Google now take into consideration your social media presence into your website rankings. So you can no longer ignore social media. However, you don't have to manage every social media avenue that exists, here are some of the more important ones you can focus on, we recommend doing only what you can manage, or to hire someone to post regularly so that you don't have "dead" social media accounts. 


Also, make sure to make ALL of your listings consistent, the same exact name/spelling, exact address (always use 123 Main Street, don't have some with 123 Main St.). This way search engines won't be confused by descrepancies and think it is not the same company.


Here are the ones we most recommend:

Google MyBusiness:

Get on Google. Make sure to setup a Google MyBusiness Page for your business, and verify the listing (via a mailed postcard from Google) so that you can be found on Google maps. If you don't want your full address listed, you can specify that you provide services outside of your location when setting the Google business page up so it doesn't list your full address to the public. 

Get your customers to post reviews on your Google page, the more reviews you have on your business, the more Google will see you as a popular good company and will move you higher in the rankings.

Facebook / Pinterest / Twitter:

Setup a Facebook page for your business. Setup accounts on Pinterest, Twitter or other social media accounts in social media that you have time to manage (don't do all of them unless you're willing to commit!) It's wise to post regularly and include links to your website as applicable. It is also ideal to setup your account to have your website in your account overview, as all  links to your website on outside social media sites (or any websites for that matter) help greatly with SEO!


Get Google, Yelp and BBB Reviews:

Get onto review sites like Yelp, BBB, and others. The more of these websites that you are listed on all count as "votes" in the popularity contest of the search engine world. Make sure also to get Google reviews, which are we think the most important of all for Google searches! Having a five star ranking with lots of reviews will result in more people clicking through to your site than if you have no reviews, or just one or two reviews.

6] Link Building: Get other websites to link to yours:

If your business has partners, ask them to link to your site in exchange for a link to theirs. Find educational institutions, organizations, groups, clubs, etc, and see if you can get links to your website. If you can get press in local newspapers, radio stations or tv stations, see if they can include a link to your business as well. The more websites that link to your business, the more likely Google and other Search Engines will think that you have a "popular" website and they will move you up in the rankings. 


You can also hire a SEO company, but be warned – most of the "SEO" companies out there charge large monthly fees (usually $1500+) and they are very fishy about how they do their link building. A lot of SEO companies run their own network of "blogs" that they post to for link building, which I think is a flawed and out-dated system. Google wants to see lots of engagement on your site, and see relavant links from relavant websites coming to your site, not a whole bunch of generic link building links. If you make sure to keep your website fresh with new content, and engage in Social Media, get happy customers to review you on Google, Yelp, and other review sites, you can likely be your own SEO success!


I do offer ongoing SEO Consultation and Services, where I can recommend what you should do, and also setup your Google, Yelp, and other accounts as desired. I also offer Social Media Audit Services so that you can revamp your social media presence & get noticed by your audience.


SEO Hero!

I am a SEO Hero and a professional Website Designer and Graphic Designer in Chicago, Illinois. I love designing and building WIX websites as WIX is actually great for SEO! 


Need SEO help? Send me a message!
All websites are different & have different SEO needs. Tell me about your site & I'd love to help you!

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