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Why WIX?

WIX is the Best CMS. Not only that, with WIX web design is WYSIWYG

WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get!




1. Easy to Use

WIX's website builder tools make it super easy to update text, photos, slideshows, video, and pages. The website builder is amazingly flexible, allowing complete redesigns to be possible at any time, or allowing for simple design changes like editing background images or colors, or changing the header or menu on all the pages.  You will never feel limited by your custom designed site, as the website builder tool allows for easy editing of 100% of everything on your webpages.


2. An Unlimited Free Trial

We really love that an entire website can be setup in WIX for free, the only cost is that they put their logo at the top and bottom of the trial websites.  If you want to use your own custom domain name, or if you don’t want the WIX branding, you can simply upgrade to a paid version, which is the same cost as regular hosting plans.  

3. A million dollar Content Management System

WIX  has what we would call a million dollar Content Management System (CMS) that costs nearly the same as regular hosting – $14  a month for a basic Combo plan, or just $23 for an eCommerce plan. While there are a lot of other CMS systems out there such as WordPress, or GoDaddy's web building tools, nothing compares to the ease of use of WIX. 


4. Ecommerce Shopping Cart

WIX offers a shopping cart system that will allow you to quickly setup an online store to sell products, services or registrations for events or classes online. The built-in ecommerce cart has all the features you need to sell online. You can use PayPal, Stripe, Sezzle or other payment gateways to process the payments with no ongoing monthly fees. You can also easily integrate  your WIX website with third-party ecommerce systems. While WIX's ecommerce is suitable for simple sales, it may not be that suitable for custom ecommerce needs. Custom checkouts, abandoned cart follow-ups, detailed reports, import/export functionality are also available with WIX.

5. Mobilization of your Website

With nearly everyone having a smart phone these days, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial for optimal viewing of your website content on all devices. WIX has a built in mobile layout that uses the same content as your main pages, but lets you organize it in a vertical, mobile-friendly layout. To help simplify your content for phones, it allows you to setup size adjustments, or hide items in the mobile view so that it is as easy to use on phones as possible. It even has a built in mobile-menu that can be customized. 


6. Good Tech Support

You can schedule a call with WIX tech support, and ACTUALLY talk with a helpful tech person who actually knows what they're talking about and can help you solve problems. I believe in the USA they have call stations in California and Florida, and they're really a great group!  The WIX  support staff will patiently help you troubleshoot specific problems or answer questions you have regarding your WIX website. They also have a good online Support Forum where you can post questions or feature requests and they usually get answered within a day. And, if there is a feature that WIX doesn't currently offer, you can tell tech support and they will add it to a wish list for features that you can vote for. 

7. Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features

WIX allows complete customization for optimal Search Engine Optimization. You can setup alt tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions, and custom page titles so that you can optimize your webpages to help Google and other search engines index and rank your website. Because of the ease of use of WIX websites, it also encourages you to update and add content to your site often, and in the Search Engine world, CONTENT IS KING. The more content you add to your site, especially original content, the more Google and other engines will find your site relevant and move you higher in the search results. 


While WIX offers a variety of beautiful templates, they often don't work as well once customized for a business. I offer custom WIX design from scratch. So I will work with you to determine your website needs, and discuss your design preferences, color suggestions, etc., so that I can design the perfect custom website for your business. 


I will work with you personally to find out what you like and don't like so that we can create the perfect unique website that has all the features and design traits desired.


I am also an expert at WIX SEO. Reach out to see how you can improve your site's SEO and rank higher in online searches.

Reach out with questions or for a free design estimate

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